Premium Wholesale Lumber - From Trusses to movie studios and more

Distributor of Premium Grade Lumber Products, located in Hayden Lake, Idaho

Wane free lumber, MSR and ESLP Lumber products. Call (208) 772-8459 for immediate assistance

 Established in 2003, Durk Wholesale Lumber is a lumber wholesale company and remanufacturer.

 We specialize in selling premium grade lumber to several industries across the country.

  • Durk Premium LumberWood truss
  • Lamstock
  • Movie and television studio-grade lumber
  • Furniture
  • Pallet and Crating
  • Bed Frames
  • Mobile Homes
  • Retail Lumber Yards
  • Home Centers
  • Laminators

Check out our Current Lumber Offerings:

Current Offerings in Boards

Current Offerings in Dimensions

We carry inventory in North Idaho and Salem, Oregon. Durk Wholesale Lumber is a proud distributor of lumber manufactured in the United States of America.

Supplied by the highest quality, premium lumber producers

Our premium grade lumber has light-to-no wane, minimal knots and is visually appealing.

Available in Douglas Fir (Doug Fir), Western Hemlock Fir (Hem-Fir) and ESLP (Engelmann Spruce/Lodgepole Pine)

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